About Us

Our firm Surya Crafts was founded in the year 1991 along with a team of talented, dedicated and highly skilled craftsmen. Presently, our team has an experience of over 38 years in the field of Handicrafts.

The Handicrafts of India are revered as an important part of its rich cultural heritage. The ancient Indian concept of beauty was equated with godhood. The significance of Indian Handicrafts lies in the newness and surprise of each object.

Today, the general ignorance of masses about the traditional crafts, the emergence of mechanical techniques and absence of infrastructure have pushed many of these crafts on the verge of extinction. Most of these are getting rarer by the day as very few artisans are making these crafts.

Our Firm Surya Crafts has been set up with the sole objective of promoting these traditional crafts. Our crafts are inspired by the heritage and splendor of diverse cultures of India. These crafts are made by traditional artisans.

Ever since our inception, we have been supplying our products to several dealers, distributors, wholesalers, exporters and importers of Indian Handicrafts. Our clients also include corporate customers, gift boutiques and online store owners. Our dealer network is spread across India.

At Surya Crafts, we ensure that the highest standards of quality and aesthetics are achieved, right from the sourcing of raw materials to the final finish of the product.

This site has been set up with the sole objective of catering to the needs of bulk buyers, who are in search of a reliable and trustworthy source of supply, at reasonable and transparent rates. Besides, it will also be useful to our existing offline customers, who may wish to place their orders online.

We welcome you to browse the fascinating world of these traditional Indian Crafts and appreciate the art that has defied time.

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