Our Products

We at Surya Crafts, specialize in the art of making Handicrafts made out of Aluminium with Copper Anodizing. Our Products are very famous throughout the world and are popularly known as Black Metal Handicrafts.

Product Specifications

Our products are made out of best quality of Aluminium. Special care is taken by us to ensure that the final product is of best possible quality.

Product Maintenance

Our products do not need any maintenance as long as these are kept away from dust humidity and water. If protected from water, our products last for years together, thus giving the buyer a true value for money.

Product Range

Our product range includes replicas of ancient Indian Idols, Statues of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, Flower Vases, Decorative Wall Hangings, Candle Stands, Table Lamps, Clocks and several Christian, Western and Chinese Figures.